Karate and self-defence classes starting at The Meeting Place

Temple Free Style Karate (FSK) & Self Defence will be starting classes from 18 January 2016 at The Meeting Place. They welcome new comers from ages 7 upwards. Initially they will be running one session a week as a family class, with a view to running separate junior and adult classes, dependant on demand.

Temple Free Style Karate (FSK) & Self Defence is a not for profit organisation that was established May 2014. They are an independent club that originally started and still remains resident in the Chantry area.

The syllabus students train to is a hybrid of many styles and incorporates traditional core karate elements as well as ground work, self defence techniques and sparring. The club is affiliated to the Free Style Karate Association (FSKA) and world karate & kickboxing Council (WKC).

Class times: Mondays 1945-2045 hrs weekly. See the Calendar for dates.

Update: 11 February 2016

No new classes are starting now, they are hoping to start some in the summer. Look out for updates!

More information

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