Daisy Tinies (The Daisy Foundation)


Six weeks


£36 (£6 per class)

Who it’s for

Babies aged between 0-20 weeks

More about Daisy Tinies

Daisy Tinies is so much more than a conventional baby massage course. We really understand the needs of babies who are in the 4th Trimester (relevant for the first 20 weeks) and teach lots of calming and soothing techniques, we have activities that incorporate massage and yoga which help ease colic, reflux, constipation and aid restful sleep. We help integrate the primitive reflexes that your baby is born with and can retain for the first six months of life (like the Moro reflex which makes your baby feel like they are falling every time you lie them on their back). We also teach some post-natal exercise for Mummy and give you some all-important relaxation time.
This course is about beginning a conversation with your baby, learning their cues understanding their language. As well as all this we teach a lovely full body massage routine over the six weeks, a wonderful way to sooth and stimulate your baby.

More information and how to join the course

Details of how to contact The Daisy Foundation for more information and to join a course are on The Daisy Foundation page.