Wrigglers (The Daisy Foundation)


Six weeks. Each session is different and lasts about 3/4 hour with some free play time at the end so that you can socialise with the rest of the Mummies and babies.


£36 (£6 per class)

Who it’s for

Babies over twelve weeks old up until they begin to crawl.

More about Wrigglers

Wrigglers is a fun dynamic class. We incorporate yoga based movement to help your baby integrate any remaining primitive reflexes, help increase their movement and urge them onto their next milestone. The soft stretch exercises that we do also help to boost your baby’s lymphatic system which is crucial when it comes to immunity. We don’t forget the vestibular system either, we do lots and lots of bouncing and swinging to move that fluid around in the inner ear so that your babies balance and co-ordination is developed. We also work on their sense of rhythm and inhibitory control (stopping and going) which is the bases for language development and we do all this set to a program of games and songs over the course.

More information and how to join the course

Details of how to contact The Daisy Foundation for more information and to join a course are on The Daisy Foundation page.